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How We Started

Highcoolcat was created to fill a huge gap in the cannabis and smoking accessory industry– the lack of creative and accessible accessories. The accessories that were on the market were tacky or made of products that were not the best material for a smoking device. We aimed to build a brand that sold smoke accessories that were not only cute, but accessible, convenient, and encouraging education and community in the cannabis industry.


Highcoolcat is a brand curated for people who want cute, accessible, and easy to use smoke accessories. We offer electric grinders for those who are differently-abled, and carry stash bags to keep your nugs fresh and away from kids and pets. Not to mention we carry bongs that disassemble to make cleaning quick and easy! Highcoolcat is constantly expanding our product line to include smoke accessories that make smoking fun, welcoming, and convenient for all. We listen to customer feedback and create products that fill a much needed gap in the accessory market.


The cannabis industry is a very unique community. Most cannabis businesses prioritize collaboration over competition, because this is an industry that is highly regulated by the government and misunderstood by the public. Highcoolcat strives to do good in this world by providing cannabis education and giving a platform to those fighting for cannabis reform. We believe that everyone deserves to have access to the resources they need to be informed. Everyone has a unique connection to cannabis, and can be different based on location, race, ability, health, and so on. All of these reasons are valid, and we hope this platform brings much needed awareness and validity for all cannabis users.


We are working to bring highcoolcat to the next level, as an immersive environment through animations and online communities. Stay tuned, because there is always something in the works at highcoolcat!





Alaa created highcoolcat in 2020 as a much needed creative outlet from her corporate job in the finance industry. While Alaa was successful and had her clients best interest in mind, she despised the institution of finance and how predatory it can be. The hustle and bustle of finance constantly tested Alaa’s morals, and caused her to feel extremely burnt out. She looked for a way to heal from the demanding finance industry, and still have an outlet for her creative processes.


At first, Alaa dabbled in resin art to fulfill her creative side, but experienced harmful, physical reactions to resin. She needed a new artistic outlet, and with an existing love for cannabis and cannabis accessories, highcoolcat became her creative brainchild! She saw a gap in the market for cute and accessible accessories, and curated a collection of products for the fashionable stoner.


Alaa’s identity as an Egyptian-American made it clear that laws and regulations around cannabis are unjust and disproportionately targets people of color, those who are differently-abled, and people who want to avoid dangerous pain killers. This is why highcoolcat is proud to uplift and collaborate with people who want to create change in this space, and educate people on the truth and numerous benefits of cannabis.


Alaa runs highcoolcat from California with her fiance and child by her side. She is a genuinely kind soul who isn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs. She loves doing anything creative, and can often be found playing immersive video games in her free time.


Alyssa is a freelance marketer who studied advertising and women’s and gender studies at  the University of Texas at Austin. As a person with intersecting identities, Alyssa believes all people deserve to be represented fully in the media they consume daily. She makes a point to make all of her services accessible and sustainable, and she loves working with businesses that are doing something good in the world. 


In 2018, she interned at a local non-profit organization called Girls Empowerment Network, and assisted in events and programs for young girls to learn professional development and personal skills. 


Alyssa currently holds positions at Doula Trainings International and Born into This, organizations focused around reproductive health, justice, and reform in the birth world. She uses her many skills in marketing, admin, event planning, and communications to uplift these wonderful organizations. 


From the power of a DM, Alyssa connected with highcoolcat, and fell in love with the amazingly cute products and incredible platform to create change in the cannabis industry. Now, she is highcoolcat’s virtual BFF, assisting with marketing and community partnerships. 


To learn more about Alyssa, check out her website, and find her at @alyssagetscreative on Instagram!



Want to send us a smoke signal? Please reach out to for any questions about our products or your order. If you would like to collaborate with us, please fill out this form, and a highcoolcat team member will contact you.


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High Cool Cat
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