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The ultimate box allows you to take the customization even further with your zodiac stones & a matching zodiac tray !

Each box comes with 3 zodiac stones as well as a card and a matching Zodicat tray. ( use your tray for crystals, rolling or anything else )


Need some soothing crystals for your smoke sesh? We got you covered!! Introducing our newest bundle: The crystal box! Each box comes with 1 California White Sage, meditation candle, 1 Amythest Cluster, 1 Rose Quartz, 1 Black Tourmaline, 1 Agate Geode, 1 Quartz Crystal Point, 1 Chakra Crystal Pendant, 7 piece stone bag (amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, tiger eye, red jasper, green adventuring, lapis lazuli) 1 selenite stick and your choice of a amethyst crystal pipe or rose quartz heart pipe. This box is perfect to pair with our new Crystal Ball Bubbler and will help you find and protect your peace. Meditate the bad away and let the good in!


Pro tip: the wooden box is yours to fully customize to your liking.. paint it, deck it out in gems or get creative! Make sure to tag us on Instagram with your cool custom designs


if you choose the crystal ball add on, please let us know what pipe you would like in the order notes since all boxes include either a rose quartz or amethyst pipe. 

DELUXE Tarot cat box with Zodicat add on

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