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Introducing Our Stoner Cat Crew: Get to Know Them Better!

Meet our fabulous feline crew, each with their own unique style and personality. Discover which stoner cat you relate to the most and dive into their world!



The Pop Culture Diva

Meet Daphney Cat, the epitome of popular and pretty with a relaxed stoner vibe. Daphney exudes a ditsy charm that captures hearts effortlessly. She's all about that 90s aesthetic and pop music, grooving to the beats of the past. With her enchanting aura and infectious laughter, she's the life of any party, always spreading good vibes wherever she goes.


The Fearless Intellectual

Carmen Cat, the epitome of sass and bluntness, walks through life unapologetically. She embraces the vintage aesthetic with a passion for knowledge and courage. An educated feline with an uncompromising attitude, Carmen stands up for what she believes in and never shies away from speaking her mind. Her bravery inspires others and her sharp wit keeps everyone on their toes.

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The Girly Cow Print Enthusiast

Phaedra Cat, the epitome of girly sophistication, adores everything cow print and revels in all things feminine. Her passion for makeup and fashion is unmatched, and she's always in search of the latest trends. Phaedra's delightful personality and love for all things beautiful make her a true icon in the stoner cat community.



The Sporty Sarcastic Maestro

Lolita Cat is a sporty sensation, a tennis enthusiast who thrives on the court and enjoys her own world of music and wit. With a sarcastic streak that keeps everyone entertained, Lolita is the quintessential stoner cat who embodies a love for sports and a sharp sense of humor. Lost in her tunes and the rhythm of her game, Lolita's energy is contagious.

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